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Polyamory is... - Chelsey Dagger

Polyamory is…

Being free to love multiple people, openly and in unique ways.

Knowing that “love” means a different thing in every relationship.

Finding happiness in my partners loving other people, in other unique ways.

Giving my partner a high-five after they come home from a successful date with someone new.

Having so many Google calendars that you forget which color is which.

Being sad as my partner boards a flight to head home, but knowing I’ll get cuddles to help me feel better when another partner comes home.

Listening to adorable stories of my partners’ dates.

Knowing that none of my relationships have to follow the relationship escalator, but it’s okay if they do.

Being too warm because I’m being cuddled from both sides, but being too happy to move.

Knowing that relationships ebb and flow, leave and come back, and being okay with that.

Calling dibs on middle of the cuddle puddle.

Understanding that a breakup doesn’t mean that a relationship was a failure, just that our lives ended up on different paths.

Being sad that one of my partners is spending the night elsewhere, but making plans with a different partner to binge-watch Netflix that night.

Specifically scheduling me-time on the calendar so that I remember that I need it.

Knowing that affection, caring, and love are not limited… but time is.

Giggling with my metamour about how adorable our mutual partner is.

Knowing that just because I only see a partner once every one, two, or ten weeks, it doesn’t mean we’re less important to each other than a partner that I live with, just that we fit in each other’s lives in different ways.

Being friends with ex-partners.

Accidentally confusing friends when I tell them I’m flying out to see my partner, but they know I live with my husband.

Sharing creepy OKCupid messages with all my partners, and rolling our eyes at the Christian Grey wannabes.

Being able to say “I love you” for the first time, many times.

Not a lifestyle, but my life.

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  1. Spencer says:

    I found my way to your blog via your Rocket Journal post, which is excellent. I was not expecting to see a post about polyamory as well!

    Have a journal-writing poly high five!

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